A Striking New Business Hub in Limassol

A Striking New Business Hub in Limassol

The ideal location for those seeking an elevated workplace experience

Neocleous Tower invites corporations to discover the future of the workplace, with the launch of forward-thinking offices, strategically located in the centre of Limassol. Redefining the work lifestyle paradigm and setting a new standard for office space in Cyprus, the tower delivers a sustainable, tech-driven, and people-centric work environment, which fosters excellence, collaboration, and well-being.

Boasting a prime location in Limassol’s vibrant business district, Neocleous Tower is positioned at the very heart of the action. The unique glazed facade offers views across the city all the way to the sea, flooding the space with natural light, and providing an inspiring backdrop for increased productivity and creative thinking. Meanwhile, tenants can enjoy convenient access to a holistic range of surrounding services and amenities.

Standing as an architectural masterpiece, the tower itself delivers 12,600m² of flexible, uninterrupted, open plan office. Each office covers an average of 285m², providing ample space for customisation and easy access to communal areas. A grand entrance lobby, executive business centre and state-of-the-art meeting facilities further complement the offering.

With a focus on balance and holistic wellbeing, the project also comprises exclusive amenities, including a fully equipped gym on the 18th floor, with double height ceilings and stunning views across the Limassol coastline. Additional facilities here include a sauna, steam bath and luxury changing facilities. Welcoming social hubs and outdoor communal green spaces enhance the overall experience.  

Meanwhile, smart technologies, professional services and unique features create an unrivalled urban setting. With 24/7 front desk support, advanced security, thoughtful acoustics and a signature scent, this elevated workspace provides a healthy environment for businesses to flourish.

Building a Sustainable Future

Setting new standards for sustainability in Cyprus, Neocleous Tower leads in environmental stewardship. Powered by cutting-edge technology and green building practices, this vertical business hub is designed with an environmentally friendly approach, which prioritises environmental, user and community wellness throughout. The tower is also the first commercial building of its kind in Cyprus aspiring to attain LEED certification, paving the way for market advancement and transformation.

Standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED is a globally recognised symbol of sustainable achievement, acknowledging best-in-class building techniques and practices. This prestigious accreditation represents the pinnacle of sustainable building standards, offering a comprehensive structure for buildings that provide a range of environmental, social and governance advantages.

It also ensures numerous benefits for businesses relocating and renting office space. Indeed, a strategic Move Skywards with Neocleous Tower brings with it a healthy, eco-friendly working environment in state-of-the-art facilities, as well as reduced energy costs, enhanced operational efficiency and significant boost to tenants CSR and ESG reputations. This makes it an optimal choice for businesses seeking a sustainable and high-performance workspace.

LEED for Limassol – Cultivating Sustainable Urban Living

Through LEED, Neocleous Tower also contributes to elevating the wellness of the surrounding area in central Limassol. As a LEED certified building, it is significantly less polluting than conventional constructions, thus offering health benefits to both users and the community. A beacon of environmental responsibility, it contributes 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions due to water consumption compared to conventional structures. It also produces 48% less solid waste pollution and contributes 5% less to transportation-related emissions. Moreover, the site is designed for accessibility on foot and by public transport, with inviting frontages and expansive green public spaces further embodying the commitment to community wellbeing and eco-friendly urban development.

LEED for the tenant – Empowering Businesses with Sustainability

Tenants at Neocleous Tower not only benefit from an elevated work experience in a forward-thinking commercial landmark. They also benefit from being housed within a LEED building, thus boosting ESG credentials and providing a competitive edge in the market, with customers and potential employees. Moreover, the certification stands as a testament that tenancy at Neocleous Tower comes hand-in-hand with reduced energy and water costs due to the efficiency of the building.

LEED for the user – Elevating Workplace Wellbeing

Beyond financial benefits, LEED is also a guarantee of a healthier, more pleasant, and enjoyable work environment. In fact, users will benefit from elevated levels of natural light, the site’s walkable nature and the communal green spaces which foster positive social interactions. The reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting materials and improved air quality also directly contribute to tangible health benefits. These initiatives promote occupant well-being and satisfaction and nurture increased staff productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a sense of loyalty among employees.

Through LEED certification, the workspace transforms into an environment where business teams thrive, resulting in enhanced happiness and increased productivity. Through this future-forward approach, Neocleous Tower sets the stage for a holistic and elevated work experience, harmonising sustainability with an optimum user experience.

Ultimately, Neocleous Tower is more than a high-rise building. Constructed as the cornerstone of a long-term vision to redefine Limassol’s commercial landscape, this iconic development stands as an elevated symbol of innovation, advancement and excellence. Inextricably linked to the city’s emergence as a global hub of business and finance, the tower leaves an indelible legacy on the city skyline. This dynamic space is a statement of prestige, where companies flourish, innovate and make lasting impressions.

Limassol’s striking new business hub invites prospective moguls to Move Skywards towards an elevated workplace experience, to explore its game-changing elevated workspaces.

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