Neocleous Tower Construction Powers Ahead With New Levels Unveiled

Neocleous Tower Construction Powers Ahead With New Levels Unveiled

Construction launching on the ninth floor at Limassol’s striking new business hub signals new heights in elevated corporate excellence, in the evolution of a game-changing workspaces

Neocleous Tower is a modern, sustainable, office building in central Limassol, welcoming corporations to experience the future of upscale workplace excellence. Redefining the standard for environment-focused, commercial real estate in Cyprus, the tower offers an eco-conscious, tech-driven and people-centric setting that fosters success, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Comprising over 12,600 square metres of office space and world-class communal areas, the building will spread over 26 floors. Construction of its ninth floor recently began, following the launch of the unique fifth floor, marking a significant milestone that will blend luxury with functionality and cutting-edge interior design. Featuring lush green spaces and al fresco terraces, the double-height fifth floor is not just a structural achievement but a vibrant hub that redefines the work lifestyle paradigm. Neocleous Tower’s green public areas, such as those on the fifth floor, will offer social space for interaction and networking, while also providing tenants with a place to relax and rejuvenate. With a total area of 678 square metres, this welcoming space is generously proportioned, designed to complement sprawling views of the city and the sea beyond.

Following this significant development, construction is proceeding on schedule with no delays, having impressively reached the 9th floor. This rapid progression is a testament to the project’s commitment to timely delivery and architectural excellence, further elevating Neocleous Tower’s status in the realm of high-end commercial buildings.

This latest achievement moves the tower skywards, solidifying its standing as the future-forward, cutting-edge workplaces for discerning businesses seeking to experience excellence. Additionally, as construction unfolds according to schedule, Neocleous Tower continues to set unparalleled standards in quality. The building stands as an elevated symbol of innovation, leaving an indelible legacy on the city skyline. This landmark is not merely a tower; it’s a statement of prestige, a dynamic space where companies flourish, innovate and make lasting impressions.

Rooted in sustainability innovation and advancement, the striking vertical city employs ground-breaking eco practices, extensive green project management and performance management tools. Standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED is a globally recognised symbol of sustainability achievement, acknowledging best-in-class building techniques and practices. Notably, Neocleous Tower is the first commercial building of its kind in Cyprus to attain this classification, paving the way for market transformation.

This LEED certification underscores the project’s commitment to green practices, which align with global sustainability standards. It signifies a building that is energy-efficient and environmentally responsible, which provides a healthy workspace for its occupants. Reaching the fifth floor in the development cements the tower’s position as a leader not just in architectural innovation, but in responsible and sustainable business practices.

Renting at Neocleous Tower sparks a journey to success. Corporations ready to Move Skywards can take a virtual tour to experience this elevated work experience themselves.

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